Todays been such a hard day

I dont know how ive got through today ive felt so awful i have cried all day.He still hadnt repied to my texts earlier in the week and i missed him so much that i text him again.A couple of hours later i got a reply to say he had just got up and sorry he hadnt replied but he had no credit on his phone.(He really could have got in touch if he wanted,just more excuses).I was so angry i called him from my sons phone and asked him to call me back.He did call but was so moody he said he didnt want to call me every day as he didnt want to give me the wrong idea and funnily enough he was probably going to call me tonight.we spoke for a while he still had the cheek to say he does miss me and hes been a c--- for not seeing what a good thing he had in front of him.Dont be nice to him as he dosent deserve it etc.He also said he was down because when he took the kids back the other day his ex was nasty to him at the door and said she was gonna get in touch with the solisiter to hurry the divorce along.He is only really botherd about his feelings so why do i care and why am i in so much pain?