Today was better

I had a little better of a day today than yesterday. I finally figured out how to fix a problem in my code I was working on. Some nice people online were able to give me a tip that led me to a solution. I also had a pretty good workout today with my personal trainer. I feel a lot stronger today which is good.
I still just sat around at my house and hopped on the computer every once in a while. Life is still very slow for me at this point.
I tried to read the bible last night and pray last night. Reading the bible always helps me because you can take a lot of lessons from it. As far as praying goes, it just made me sad. I always try to think of God as a very good friend of mine who always has my back. Whenever I pray I just feel like I am just complaining to God. This in turn makes me feel like I am begging him to help me when I know that is wrong. He gave me the strength to help myself and I just refuse to used it or see it. I feel like I should go back to not praying because I'm sure God is tired of hearing the same sob story from me while he continues to bless my life with family and friends.
All and all today was good though. I'm glad things are looking up for a bit.