Today was a little better

David came home with an A+ on a test.  The day today went well.  Kona laid under my desk and across my feet all day today (and constantly reminds me of how blessed I am.)  Paul actually got a few honey-do things done around the house today and was in a half way decent mood.  (Still deep internal depression which makes me think he needs meds or something.)  Phone wasn't too bad today.  At least no extremely nasty customers.   Got new contacts and having a hard time focusing while reading.  Very frustrating.  So far so good today with my diet.  Have CRE (Catholic Religious Education) tonight where I volunteer as an assistant teacher.  I may go to the Y afterwards for a work out.  I hate to go.  I drag myself into the car and drive there.  But once I am on the treadmill or the elyptical machine I feel so much better.  And I feel so much better afterwards.  I have to keep going so that I reduce my stress, get back into shape, sleep better, etc.  A zillion other things I can think of that I could do instead, but I have to put this first.   One day at a time.  I will focus on how much better I am going to feel by Christmas if I keep going.