Today,I will rest and recover from yesterday

Good morning journal,the time is now 6:15am,our home is silent,mainly because I have intentionally left my ears in their respective cases,but also because of the early hour.I find myself fully awake,armed with hot coffee,and once more reveling in the stillness;it is at moments such as this that a man can think and breathe freely,unfettered by the noise and clamor of the day when it is in full swing.What news? I hear you ask journal,well,yesterday I managed to finally swallow my pride and made my way to the citizens advice bureau,I explained the situation and produced the referral letter from my doctor.I listed my various illnesses and the medications I am currently on,and the lady said,"do you have transport sir?",I said I did not,whereupon she expressed concern about my ability to make it back home.My first thought was,"do I really look that bad?",but she then said,"the reason I'm asking is that we can provide you with free food right now,but the bags are quite heavy and I'm worried that you won't be able to manage". I assured her that I would get home somehow,all I needed was the food,whereupon a young man appeared with two large bags containing various food items,he then told me they could only provide food parcels once every six months,I signed the form they put in front of me,thanked them both and left,wondering just how the hell I was going to get home unaided.I tried to text my wife asking her to call me,no reply,I then tried calling our home phone with the same result,I could only assume she was out back playing with the dogs,then,as usually happens when you need it most,my cell phone battery decided to commit suicide and died on me,leaving me stranded and breathless on my own,no money on me and a good forty minute walk from home unencumbered with the two large bags of groceries I now found myself with,with them?,at least an hour probably more if I was lucky.I made my way home in stages,managing to only move short distances before having to rest,and I was grateful for my rescue inhaler on more than one occasion.My legs were all but finished at times,and I took every opportunity to sit on benches,walls,resting on anything that would take the weight from my feet and legs for however short a period.Several people asked me if I was okay,I assured them that I was,and carried on my slow but merry way,the last part of my journey home was uphill,which did not help me greatly,but I managed to rest some on the benches in the large park close to our home before finally having to stop about six or seven hundred meters from our home;I was beaten and exhausted and just couldn't walk another step.Fortunately,my predicament was spotted by the wife of a friend,who kindly offered to carry my bags the last short distance for me,thank you Sharon,I am most grateful,may God bless you for your kindness.On finally arriving home,we emptied the bags,and my wife was delighted with the contents,there were items such as breakfast cereal,rice,pasta,tinned goods such as tomatoes,spaghetti and beans,tinned stew and meatballs,there was even a bar of soap,tube of toothpaste and two tooth brushes,some tinned potatoes and a packet of cookies to accompany the teabags which were also included,thank you Father,we are humbled and grateful for your generosity,once again,you have shown us that if we believe,if we have faith,and if we ask,you will always hear us and provide us with what we need,thank you.Now journal,as to the subject of my novel;I was most grateful for my dear friend Pat,(higginsp),when she asked if there was such a word as breakfasting;having piqued my curiosity,I turned to Google,I could find one reference in the Spanish/English dictionary,and when I typed the word this morning,it was not met with the usual wavy red line underneath that tells you it is wrong,but,I am not convinced,so perhaps I will alter breakfasting to "after a breakfast of...",but I say to you,if breakfasting isn't a proper word,it should be LOL!. There is another fabulous word which is a particular favorite of mine,"hornswoggled",now that did come up with the tell tale wavy red line underneath,that means that it isn't a recognized word,at least on this site,but I just think it's a word with magical qualities and covers a multitude of situations and circumstances.Anybody can be confused right?,but to be hornswoggled,as in"well I'll be hornswoggled!",now that is unique,and sounds a hell of a lot better than saying,"I don't have a clue what I'm talking about",don't you agree?. It can be used in almost any context,as in,"you can't hornswoggle me you scoundrel!",it has a "Harry Potter" type feel,all wizards and warlocks,I just think that if enough of us hornswogglers got together and campaigned for it's inclusion in the dictionary we would be victorious,.......just a thought.Sometimes,I throw a word into normal every day conversation just to see if anyone notices that I'm talking absolute rubbish,I like to see people's reactions,if the word sounds intelligent,rather than ask you what you mean,or admitting they don't understand,they say stuff like,"Ahh,yes,well,.....I agree",you get very few people who will actually turn around and say,"what the hell are you talking about?",at least I haven't met many;it's a lot of fun,and a part of my mischievous nature that I have retained despite my depression.Plain speaking has it's place of course,only the other day,I was in a queue at the store and a rather elderly gentleman broke wind very noisily,as the other people in the queue looked at him in distaste,he uttered the most brilliant phrase I have ever heard,no excuses,no apologies,he simply said,"I'm an old age pensioner,I fart because it's the only gas I can afford without worrying about the cost",absolute genius!,while I still think that what he did was the height of rudeness,I could not help but admire his straightforwardness and speed of thought.I am also fairly certain that I was not the only member of that store queue who stifled a smile or two,whilst the odd"trouser cough"should be conducted in private if possible,if one should inadvertently escape in public,how fabulous was that reply to all the accusing stares in his direction?,fair play to you sir!. Well journal,enough of this gibberish,time for me to be away from here,today,I intend to rest as much as possible,my efforts of yesterday took a lot from me,but for the next few days at least,we eat,so it was worth all of my exhaustion,and all of my aching muscles,until next time then,peace be with us.



Scott, I totally agree that \"breakfasting\" should be a word! \"Hornswoggled\" is my new word of the day, but I have to admit that \"trouser cough\" had me laughing hysterically and is my favorite new word. It will work it\'s way into many a conversation around my house (not son).

I must thank you for all the laughs I\'ve had from your postings! They brighten my day and get the day off to the right start. You must keep your wife in stitches!

I\'m so glad to hear your have your food now, even though it was a struggle to get it home. You\'re stronger than you know! God bless you and your wife! Have a great weekend!