Today i feel frustrated cause of my brother

I dont know how much more of his condescending bull shit that i can take because i want to change my last name because i found out that my father is a child molester so i decide i dont his lat name put me down for the rest of my life and he still going on about the bull shit that happened at x-mas i went down to Ottawa to see my brother and my mother the 2 main reason for me going down there and my sister bf mother tried telling me what to do when i was having a conversation whit my mother so told her politely mind your own business then my sister her bf mother side and pretty much did want me to come back new years eve so instead i stayed at my mother house and spent 200$ on my brothers kid and he bitches and complains that i did not get him anything  but he need to grow up and realize once you have a child you dont get anything any more am i right or wrong a specially when i am on limited income   



The children come first, always. If you only have $5 you feed your kid and if there is any food left over, the adult eats.

You don\'t need to change your name to distant yourself from your father. I am sure there are millions of people with the same last name as you. Those people aren\'t related to your father (well, some of them are, but millions of others AREN\'T, they just share the same last name.) Google your name and see how many matches come up. : )