Today and thoughts

I pray everyday that there will come a day when I can forget about T and the things that I experienced while I was with him.  Not a day goes by where he doesn't cross my mind.  I was good for awhile and then it surfaces....having another man in my life I know would certainly "ease" the "pain" but so far, that hasn't seemed to happen.  Plenty of opportunities but just not feeling it at this point.
Will I ever be able to love again?  Will I ever be able to have someone touch me again?  I have never in my whole life experienced this even when I left Steven.  There are some days where I just don't see that happening.  There are some days where I just want to run away from it all!  Work, house etc....
I'm sure he goes through life not worrying about any of that.....I'm sure he has moved on.  Why can't I???