' To You, My Butterfly ' !

As I walk in the garden
 What do I see
 Is it you, my Little Butterfly,
Do you love me.
I watch in wonder
As you fly through the air
 I see your reflection,
 Your sweetness everywhere.
 You make me happy
Out here in the sun
I would have waited for you,
Until the day is done.
You are so special,
You are so kind
There is nothing I want more,
Than to make you mine.
 My Little Butterfly,
What beautiful colors you own,
If you flew over a rainbow,
I would cheer you on.
I hope we become more than friends
It will not take long,
Know that I am happy
When I think you are near.
 I will keep my eyes up into the sky
Maybe I will see you here,
 My pretty Butterfly...
                                                     LOVE     YA,    ~Barbara



Beautiful!! I love butterflies!!
Luv ya

This is very beautiful Barbara. :) it\'s so sweet, and very special. :) this is a wonderful joy. :) my family and i love butterfly\'s, i see some in our yard, and garden. :) They\'re one of our favorite nature sights to see. :) this is so lovely, celebrating together, beautiful peaceful nature. :) This is a lovely poem you wrote. :) Thank you for sharing with us. :)