" To Strive "

 To Strive For Something entails putting forth Great effort, it is to struggle. I feel that I need to define exactly what it is that I am striving for.Four weeks ago, I was told not to make any major decisions. It was suggested that I took these 3-4wks to take care of myself. Since then , since the week I started treatment I have observed a change. Those who I thought would be here are not. And those who I never expected are. I spent alot of my evening, here at home with my sponser. We went back to the third step, exactly were I needed to be. Lately I have found myself questioning many things that are going on. I realize that I am lost again. That is fine, for me, as the Lord will always guide me back to were I need to be, not so much as to where I want to be. I see his arm reaching down, all I need to do is just let go of what it is that I have been holding on to. That is the Third Step-" I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of GOD as I understand him" While the circumstances of our lives may not change, the way we deal with them Does!!!!!  RECOVERY IS A PROCESS OF DISCOVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just for Today- My thoughts will be on my recovery!!!!Just for Today-I will remain VIGILANT!!!!!!