To Good to be true...

My mum, God bless her, drove round all the chemists on Easter Saturday and managed to get me some over the counter meds for my chest infection/flu type thing and eye infection. So I took the meds finished the course and slept a lot. I am talking 20 plus hours a day of solid sleep! Anyway it seemed to do the trick and by Wednesday it had all cleared up and I was feeling way better. 
Unfortunately when I woke up this morning its suddenly all come back! Chest infection, eye infection the lot. Only this time its been I have the mysterious red rash over my cheeks again.  have been making a notes of all symptoms to show my specialist.
There has to be something causing all this, something that is more definitive than just 'CFS/Lupus/ connective tissue like illness'. I know putting a label on this illness is not likely to make me any better but I sometimes feel like I need an answer for my own sanity's sake!



You do need an answer! The lupus fits......lupus and CFS have a lot in common. I think you need one of your healthcare professionals to pull this together for you. Seems like everyone is handing the job over to someone else.

This is the problem with these illnesses. They are so much alike, in so many ways, that doctors don\'t like to commit to one diagnosis. This does NOT help the patient. My daughter has lupus, confirmed by the usual testing, the high ANA, the RA factor, the joint pain, the exhaustion, but ever had a rash. Because she never had the rash, she was not diagnosed till she was nineteen and they now think she\'s had lupus since she was ten!

Kate, you have to find doctors that will treat your symptoms and listen to you. Sometimes it really dosen\'t matter what they call our illnesses. We all know CFS is thing no one recongizes or knows how to treat! But I HAVE IT! So nobody can tellou f me it\'s all in my head.

I\'m a fighter have to fight for your diagnoses and your health and you have to research a lot, and doctor hop, till you find ONE good doctor, that gets it and will validate you and treat you.

I\'m with know that!