tired of this.

mustn't give up now but i want to so badly.
was prescribed ambien and i woke up at 5. 
that's not supposed to happen. 
my body is so tired but my mind won't shut up.
i just don't want to write this paper or take these tests.
i don't want to go outside because it's cold
swallowing hurts because i think i'm getting sick
i have less than a week, come on & pull through.
you owe it to them, you owe it to yourself.
maybe work now and try to sleep later.
might as well, right?
i want to know what he thinks about the song. he probably didn't hear it. if he did, he has to know it's about him. i used his words. or what i remember of his words. i don't want to hurt him i just wanted to express myself. so i did. maybe i put it on facebook secretly wanting to get a rise out of him.
i should eat breakfast or something. but i feel sick. putting something in my stomach might make me throw up. 
i want to sleep but i can't and this paper needs to get done.
it ain't writing itself.
my stomach really, really hurts. i feel like death. fuck you finals week. 
so close, so close, so close. just a little further. just a little longer. just a bit more.