Tired of Making So Little Progress

I am feeling my years and wondering when I will finally grow up and take full responsibility for things like getting myself to bed on time--living within my budget--learning to trust my own judgment at least a little--getting some kind of grip on my out-of-control emotions.  I have a rough time holding down a full-time job and trying to manage ADD and OCD, too--trying to get to work on time, trying to put the brakes on impulsivity, and trying to break a whole slew of bad habits that go along with being easily distracted and unable to finish just one coherent thought.  The meds do help, but I seem to be racing through life trying to keep up , do my job and get housework done, and salvage just a little downtime for myself.  It's so, so hard!  I am stuck in ruts I can't seem to break free of.  I should have been in bed a half hour ago, but as usual my mind wandered off and I forgot to consult my schedule for the next thing to do!  I forget so many things I wonder how I manage to accomplish anything.  My life is eating, sleeping, and working--no time to relax and do something I just want to do.  This is crazy, I live alone, I don't even have a husband and children to deal with, yet I can't find time for myself!  How can I fix this???