Tired of being sick

Today I am tired of not feeling well.  It seems like it has been a month straight.  Last weekend I had a three day doozy of a migraine.  I kept telling myself that it was only temporary and that once it was gone I would feel like a million dollars.  Well, I did have one day, and then I caught a cold/sore throat.  The good new is that today I am pooped out for a normal reason.   I actually am glad I just don't feel terrible because of MS fatigue.  And I want to feel good so I can continue to strengthen my body physically.   This week I only worked out once.  I try for two or three days a week.  I really want to strengthen my core so I have better control over the muscles that still work normally.  Despite being sick I am in good spirits.  I love my job, my family, my husband and God.  Last night I was telling God how angry this disease makes me and it just feels so unfair.  I know he will use it for a greater good, and waiting to find the good is hard for an impatient person.