Tired of being broke....

I gotta find some way to get stuff paid. I hate being behind and never having money. We make enough to cover what we need but we got behind and we've been stuck for awhile. Being behind means lots of late fees and that just keeps putting us further behind. Idk what to do. I don't have anything of value to sell besides cars and even then I wouldn't be able to get what I want for them and plus, we need them! Just kinda stressing, trying to figure everything out. We don't have credit cards so it's just normal bills and we don't have good enough credit to get credit cards, nor do we really want to. Neither of us can really get a second job, I work long hours dispatching and he works 5 days a week and cares for Aaron while I'm at work and even then, who's hiring? It's so hard with this economy right now. Things suck. But we'll get by like we always somehow do.



Its a blessing you at least you have a job! lol! I have been jobless for over 4 months! My job told me to meet them in the office and they said, \"Sorry, we cant support your salary anymore.\" And said this to 6 others. If they didnt lay me off and unemployment didnt come to my rescue, sheeez, I would be homeless in a shelter (if that, because they are so full people have to sleep in parks and apartment building rooftops now) The little money UI gives me helps me get by by the hairs on my chinney chin chin. Im tired of being broke too...I wake up everyday for 4 months at 6am looking for a job and praying I get a call back for an interview and I get so discouraged :( Im glad your keeping in there. And dont you ever leave your job unless they fire you or lay you off because then you wont have income except for your mate!

Keep on truckin\' whoo whoooo!! :)