Tired and achey!

Can't believe how tired I am!  Yesterday I decided to cut the grass.   It surely didn't help either!  Well it was a good idea because today it's raining.  And the yard looks good!  I took pain meds last night but woke up after four hours in pain again!  I took something else and didn't want to get up but hubby had other ideas!  At least we were finished before the real rain came down!   My neck is so tight and my shoulders are getting worse!  I like to sleep on my side too! I wish I could just fall asleep on my back! Everytime time I try to fall asleep on my back I will lay there for hours watching the clock!  I have tried different pillows and different techniques but still stay wide awake till I give in and lay on my side for as long as I can stand it!  I also have another mattress in the room I can sleep on and it is much softer and at least my left shoulder loves it!  Right shoulder has other problems.  But unfortunately I also have a damaged muscle that does not like a soft mattress!  Then it's back on the firm mattress!  I shouldn't complain though since I can go back and forth and still get some rest.  :  )