God's Timing?
Does God's Timing play a part when it comes to the conception of our children? By this I mean do we need to sit back and wait until God is ready to bless us?
When it comes to the finished work of the cross I don't believe in "God's timing" because that would mean you would be waiting for God to do what he has already accomplished!
When God created Adam and Eve, He created them with everything they needed to conceive and bring forth healthy children.  He then BLESSED THEM and told them to go forth and to multiply.  When God looked upon everything he made at creation, He saw that it was good and on the 7th day HE RESTED!  His Work was done!  Adam was given dominion over all the work of God's hands so Adam was left to look after the earth and over everything God created.  
Adam and Eve did not need to wait for God's timing to conceive - they were created with everything they needed within their bodies to go forth and to multiply!  In the same way all the animals on the earth didn't have to pray or seek the Lord for offspring - they just went and did what He had created them to do.  When animals are "in heat" they instinctly know what to do and when to do it!  Now while we are a lot more sophisticated than animals - the same applies to human beings.  
This is God's ORIGINAL plan, purpose and will for His creation. God DOES NOT change His mind, His will or His character.  If His nature is to bless, prosper and to make fruitful - then this is who HE IS!
God didn't create us with reporductive organs and then command us to come to Him and to ask for children every time we wanted one.  No!  He MADE US FRUITFUL - He created us to REPRODUCE!  The animals do it, plants do it so we can do it too!  We don't have to come and ask God for what He has ALREADY done for us.  Children ARE His plan and purpose for mankind.  If we are struggling in this area - it is NOT GOD WITHHOLDING.  GOD IS NOT making you sick - or preventing you from having children!!!
When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, in the Garden of Eden their eyes were opened and they KNEW EVIL.  KNOW means to know by observing, calculating and EXPERIENCING!  Up until that point they only knew good.  The result of the fall in the Garden meant that the world was now in a fallen state (it was now cursed for Adam's sake - meaning as a result of what Adam had done). Satan was also made god of this world.
God's Solution
It is important to note that in the Old Testament, when those struggling to conceive prayed to God for children - EVERY Godly couple who prayed received their answer!!!  
Another awesome truth under the O.T. is that God told Moses to write down the law.  (Moses wrote the Pentateuch - first 5 books of the Bible).  Now in these books we fiind several Scritpures showing the PROVISION FOR CHILDREN! Exod 23;25-26, Deut 28 etc etc. Blessing, health and fruitullness was still God's will, plan and purpose for mankind!  So even though the children of Israel under the law lived in a fallen world God made His purpose very clear that children were still His plan, and purpose.
We have a better Covenant!
One thing we need to remember - God dealt with people differently under the O.T as they were under the law. We shouldn't be looking to how Old Covenant children responded or how they came to God. We are under a NEW COVENANENT!  The old has gone!  Under the O.T. they were slaves or servants.  We ARE CHILDREN - joint heirs with Christ - seated in Heavenly places WITH HIM!
Now here is where this gets exciting...
When Jesus died on the cross, He paid the price for EVERYTHING that came into the world as the result of the fall.  Satan is still roaming the earth as the god of this world (for a time) and the consequence of the fall is still at work and this is why sickness, disease is still operating on the earth.  BUT through the work of the cross JESUS DISARMED IT ALL!  He deprived it of power to harm us!  He bore it ALL on His body, and he became our substitute.  So now ANYONE who looks to the cross - LIVES!  We do not have to continue to be bitten by this fallen world and the effects of the curse of the law.  If we partake of the work of the cross we can overcome and learn how to walk in victory over what we may experience!
Through Jesus, God has made the provision for our healing.  And this includes everything that can cause or contribute to infertility and miscarriage.  We are STILL blessed to go forth and to multiply!  When Jesus ascended to heaven - He SAT DOWN!  His work was complete!! This means that we don't need to pray and ask God for what He has ALREADY provided.  It is FINISHED! This means infertility and miscarriage and everything that causes it is FINISHED!
Children ARE God's plan, purpose and will for all of mankind. That never changes.  In fact there are MANY people abusing their friuitfullness. They are not being wise stewards of their bodies - they are having unprotected intercourse and there are literally THOUSANDS of unwanted pregnancies all around the world!  Just look at the abortion rates.  These people are doing what God created mankind to do.  This is how it is meant to be (how our bodies are meant to work).  We are meant to be fruitful! Those who don't have health issues in their reproductive organs are using birth control to prevent conception.
NOW if you are not fruitful you need to understand that this is NOT God's will and this is NOT God withholding from you!!!!  Generally speaking we don't conceive or we miscarry because there is a complication or some form of sickness or disease operating.  Jesus has ALREADY paid the price for ANYTHING holding us back from conceiving and carrying and giving birth to healthy children!!!!
So conceiving doesn't have anything to do with God's timing. Children are not a promise - they are a PROVISION!  It is established in the Word of God which means it is a DONE DEAL.  God has therefore done His part for us through Jesus.  Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father - WAITING FOR YOU - to go and possess EVERYTHING He died to give to you!!!
He gave you His Word (in fact He sent forth His Word and healed you).  His Word shows who we are what, what we have already inherited. He disarmed the devilHe disarmed ALL sickness and diseaseHe gave you His authority (so you can take authority over anything holding you back) He gave you His power (you have power over ALL the power of the enemy - Luke 10:19) He poured His Spirit in you (His ressurection power - by the Spirit who dwells in you - Rom 8:11) The Holy Spirit is your guide to warn you of things to come and to lead you into victory...
What more do you need??? 
God has ALREADY done everything He could possibly do!!!  It is FINISHED!!  It is now up to us to KNOW, BELIEVE and ACT on this (receive it - lay hold of it).
So in closing if you are waiting for God to do something you will be waiting a very long time.  I meet couples who have been waiting for years for God to bless them with a child.  And when they lay hold of this truth and they receive the finished work of the cross in every ara of their lives - barrenness is broken forever and I end up getting phone calls and emails from those same couples asking me how they can stop their fruitfullness because they now have too many children!!!
So what are you waiting for?



Well written.

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