Times moves forward

Well it has been quite a while since I have been on here.  but I wanted to say thanks to the many people that supported me and talked me through this.  Divorce was hard but I didnt roll over and die like I thought.  I left there and have continued on with my life.  My daughter is healthy and loves her daddy, She is the apple of my eye and I would wrestle/kill 5 grizzlies to keep her safe. 
As an individual, I have learned a lot, I have even been on dates and stepped out further and it didnt kill me either.  I am more mature and feel better. the only thing that was out of kilter was the love making.  For me being married, all was good until I found out everything that went on, then the shock of divorce left me a bit in a mess.  but I have just about got that under control.  we all tend to be creatures of habit so I have had to throw that shell off and start new.
am i fixed?  no, but I am not broken either.  but being my age and dating a 30 old is all new lol.  heck ive dated two 30 year olds and a 38 year old.  I am making a comeback lol.  no I feel like things will continue to move forward.  I will live each day to its fullest , remembering the past on for the knowledge to apply to the future.  I will love harder and care stronger than before. 
Again, thanks to all my friends, I am still around if you need to chat, banchormin@yahoo.com is where you can im or email me. 



Love your journal entry. Yes this does make us stronger. Happy for you.