Time to my self

Well I still have pain in the feet, waiting for the Rituxan to kick in.  Tonight my heart is aching a bit.  My grand children who have lived with me since birth(with their mom, my daughter) left for a vacation with my son and some teacher friends.  I know they are all responsible adults, with kids of their own but I am so worried about the kids(age 4 and 5). OF course they will be fine!! and I have time to myself to rest my feet right????Why why why can't I relax and enjoy this??????



Aww sorry you are having such a time with the pain!! I am having some troubles myself tonight between my back and my knee. Hoping that there isn\'t something gone wrong with the knee replacement which was done 4 years ago!

About the grandkids--I totally understand where you are coming from. Hubby and I have a \"surrogate daughter\" who has 2 little girls that we adore!! They have lived with us several times in their little lives, and it is sure hard for me not to worry about them when they are away from me!

Take care!