Thursday-April 23rd,2008

I am in a very happy mood today and Frank would have been proud.Today I decided to go on a budget and not see certain people.I just cannot go out for breakfast everyday in seattle.It was costing me 12.00 a day and I am so broke.Nomore! These people are just not worth it.I had a best friend here.We were friends for 5 years.Then my brother died and she just disappeared.She has not spoke to me since.If my brothers sudden death has freaked her out then she should go to that phony Dr.Phil.I do need to talk about certain things and here is one thing that I am sure of.I refuse to leave Brad despite all of our problems.There is absolutely no place in seattle that I can move to because it is getting expensive.I just love this house.I love my yard and I have got something that I have always wanted I have got privacy which is not when you have an apartment.It is fantastic here.I have got a yard.And it has a fence and it just so great that I can see all of the people walk by in the alley.These people here are just fantastic.And I do not want to go back to the choir.The choir is changing.Plus,the director has not spoke to me in months and this is because there are always new people.I will return all my music.In June.In July..there is the Bite of Seattle and it is fantastic.I go every year.All of the food is great..but a bit expensive but we are getting people from Louisana this year.Louisana is famous for its crab cakes.And this is the booth that I will go to.I plan my days everyday and I am home before Brad arrives.I do believe like my late matter what you do always plan to be home at either 2 or 3.This way I can get the mail.clean more and such.I have to clean after i write this.My little kitten just had a hairball.And I am catching up on all of my reading.I do not call people during the week,unless I have to.Brad uses the cell phone for work and the people that I know work in NY also.SO I call them on the week-end let him use it for business.I have got a message phone and anyone can leave messages for me and I will get back to them.But please do me a big favor--do not call me unless it is necessary and there is something that I can do.If you have a fight with your significent other,please settle the differences by yourself.I am 60 years old and i went throught this 40 years ago.And right now..Brad and I are having some problems and I refuse to discuss them with any of my friends back east,because they cannot do anything and it is none of their business.ANd this is what my older brother taught me.I am Italian like Tony Soprano.But if you notice on the Sopranos he does discuss family problems outside of the family and this is the way I was raised.I never discuss my problems or my money problems with my family because it will worry them and with people