Thursday 06/05/2014

So I made some more progress on that stupid project...ugh. I've been avoiding the next section as it's going to be a pain in the ass plus the joke is that it may NEVER even be used but because it may happen ONCE in a lifetime I still have to build it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I need a vacation...
So The Bird is still farting around with his floor. I can't imagine. At least the goofball is doing something constructive on his vacation. Usually he flies off to some stupid vacation spot, spends too much money, then comes home and bitches how boring it was. Definition of insanity Bird...doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results! DUH!
I worked out yesterday and I will work out again today then tomorrow off so I can cut the grass. The Bird just called bitching about Low Gut because he had 3 days off sitting on his ass doing nothing while his homely wife bitched at him the whole time! Ha! Poor Low Gut!
Anywho, I'm procrastinating because I don't want to work on that turd but it's not going to build itself so Thursday donuts for H and that's the news I'm out of here!



Eek. I didn\'t know you were busting your butt over something that might not even be used. Or if I knew it, I forgot. Hmm, yeah that\'s definitely possible. Well. You are making progress, so hopefully you will be done with it soon? Keeping everything crossed that it is.

I hope Bird is doing a food job on that floor. Hey, sometimes it takes a while to learn something. Low gut, well, what can I say? I\'ve never been a fan of marriage!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! No work for you this weekend. Workout & play your games. You need a break from work. I\'ve been chomping on a donut. Extra good today. Get out there & get the yard mowed! - H