Thur 22 Feb '18

Whereas yesterday was kinda quiet, except for the perpetual drone of my oxygen machine in the background, today was hectic.  Today especially, I welcomed the noise because while the machine drones and thumps, I breathe and live.

The day started out mundane as usual, but today I got to watch my grandson have his swimming lesson and blow bubbles when he is dunked like a lemon cream into tea.  The pool is warm after a lengthy and sweaty heat wave so he didn't mind fetching his dinosaur off the bottom step....quite a feat for a 2-yr old.  My daughter had a brain wave and re-arranged our patio furniture and added an extra length to my oxygen hose so that I could reach the couch under the awning to cheer him on.  What a bright idea, one that never entered my mind while I sat alone downstairs for months on end watching mindless TV re-runs.  

Then the next bit of excitement was more of a drama when the carpet cleaners pitched up with their machines.  OMGoodness, room-by-room every scrap of furniture, curtains, blinds, rugs and display units were shifted outside onto the lawn and cleaned. Rosie can be a bit of an air-head at times but she is buoyed up by John who is a hard working go-getter.  They make a good team and the two of them worked miracles today.  The nanny took the baby out of the way and I probably would have joined them if it were not for my favourite "Endeavour" programme on itv.  

On the whole, my day was something of an adventure and lifted my spirits.  Bye till next time ..........



Nice to see your grandson have his swimming lessons, also great idea to lengthen the oxygen hose.