Three days gone

Wow I come out of my Lupus induced coma and it is a new month, I lost 5 pounds and man did that freakin' cat box stink, peeU!
After work on Wednesday, 4:30 pm, I went to bed.  By 6:00 am on Saturday morning I had slept 48 hours.  I vacuumed, cleaned the cat box, went out to lunch and then back to bed. 
I feel amazing.  I do wonder why my body shuts down like.   
I am not depressed.  I am very aware of my state of mind.  Have to continually "Check Myself so I don't Wreck Myself".  I am starting to doubt my doctors even have a clue as to what is really going on.  I think they diagnosed me with Lupus because they couldn't figure out any other "box" to put me in.
See Rheumy in 3 weeks.  I think we need to go about this in a different way.  I don't know as the Plaquenil is really doing anything. Although I've not had major organ involvement, maybe I wouldn't have anyway.
The tumor was a shocker.  They weren't even looking for that.  Maybe next battery of tests they'll find something and go "Oh, OK, this explains everything".
Off to get ready for the week.  It's suppose to cool down, thank God.



You bring up a very good point abt looking at the whole picture in a diff way. I\'d by all means voice some of these concerns to the rheumy & see what he/she thinks.
I wonder sometimes when the body sort of does a shut down if that could be the bodys built in protection mechanism going to work. I have times like that also so who knows huh.
I\'ve not had any organ involvement with my lupus & believe me I do thank the Lord for his aid in that area.

I just got back from doc, for change was with my teenage daughter. Half her problem is worry and stress, wonder where she gets that from. She has to get a flu to stop andntake care of herself and allow me to take care of her. But yes, days in a row with aches and pains and exhaustion and a brain that has no idea what to do in that situation all interacting and responding and yes one thing leading to another including tumors, geez Louise what is this dis ease?

Sounds like the rest did you good and you are all recharged. I shut down also, but don\'t have the weight loss. I\'ve done this for years, but I also use to over do before I knew I had lupus. Hope you continue to feel recharged. Hugs.