This would only happen to me!

Well i read and respond to this site, but it has been awhile since I wrote my own journal and feel this was funny as well as inspriing.  I started a weight loss surgery group near my home figuring that going to Boston deterred, including myself, alot of people from going to support groups. Who wants to fight the traffic going into the city at night after working all day and shuffling kids around town.  I started my own group on a website called "", where people that share the same interests and goals come together to support each other.  We meet once a month in a  neutral site and just support and exchange ideas.  Well the first meeting there was only two of us an I knew the girl from my Chihuahua meetup group that I organize so that wasn't bad. She was due to have surgery in a week and we talked about expectations, feelings and results.  THe next meeting the other members couldn't make it and one other member showed up. He was a nice man, he had lost 160 pounds in 7 months, does triathalons now and is joining the iron man competition and he is hitting sixty. He has only gained back seven pounds in four years.  Well it was very inspirational, but I needed to talk to someone who was having ups and downs like myself.  It ended up being a lecture on supplements, excerising and eat properly. I know he meant well and I can learn a great deal from him, but the last think I needed was an someone with atypical results to meet with.  Instead of making me feel better it made me feel more of a failure.  He described his sister who had surgery and had started gaining weight back and I felt more like I identified with her.  I needed support not lectures on the beauty of triathalons, because it ain't never gonna happen.  So I will go again next month with different expectations and try to learn from this very intelligent man instead of looking for a shoulder to cry on.  Wish me well. Maybe that is what I need after all a kick in the pants.Nancy