This & That

Physically lately I'm a real real mixed bag.  I've been running the gamit of super good to just dragging but alas such is Lupus right.  But, why does Murphys Law always dictate that the dragging bit has to come at the most inconvenient times or the busiest times in life.  However, I've finally learned that 100% of the time if I've got things to tend to, errands to do, etc. etc., I have to go out & do so in the morning otherwise it just won't happen.
I've recently had my two upper front teet capped (thankfully no route canal as my dentist says it weakens the tooth).  My main concern was infection of some kind afterwards but I have to praise our Lord for preventing that from happening.  But let me tell you all I'm glad it's over.  I had 4 freezing needles-2 in the top front which felt like they were going thru my nose & now get this - the other 2 behind the front teeth into the roof of the mouth - MAN WAS THAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!.  Now in the next few months I've got one more top tooth to be capped.
I don't know if anyone watches The Dr.s or Dr. Oz but on one of them last wk they were talking abt oral health & how teeth & gum problems has a negative effect on so many areas of your general health, something to do with the bad germs & stuff causing the tooth/gum problems seeps into your body etc. etc. etc.  It got me thinking & now I can't help but wonder if alot of my overall health issues goes back to the teeth/gum problems I've been having.  My cleaning 4 months ago had been great, she was pleased with my gums, really good.  Then I went for my last one a month ago & bam - the exact opposite.  I really wonder if I've got some sort of dominoe thing happening.  Who knows huh?????
It's funny too cause 3 wks ago when I saw my reflexologist, he was working on me & stopped all of a sudden, hesitated for a moment & then asked if I was having oral/teeth problems.  I told him that was a major understatement.  At least I know where I need to focus some extra energy on.
Bad news, my Diabetes dr is retiring in spring - I'VE NO IDEA WHAT I"LL DO WITHOUT HIM YIKES.  The clinic is not replacing him either, don't know if maybe they can't find someone or what.  The more then 30 yrs I've been diabetic I've never ever been without one.  He always is just on top of every single little thing related to diabetes.  Man on man thats got me worried a bit.  A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go.
Well I'll sign off for now, love you all so very dearly.



WOW you certainly have been busy and I am so sorry you had to under go that much pain.. I bet your glad it\'s over with. I know how you feel about your doctor, I would be lost with out mine. We will pray on this and ask God to lead you to another good doctor. Glad your feeling better.Will talk with you later on. Love you and glad your feeling better..(((HUGSSSSS)))))