This summer-About Matt Dillon, Marthas Vineyard and other things

Dear Journal and friends:
This summer started for me around June, see growing up I had a huge crush on Matt Dillon, so big that I had a huge poster of him in the ceiling-so I could see his pretty face everyday when I woke up-so back in June Alonso took me to a restaurant in Manhattan to see Los munequitos de Matanza-cuban folkore dancing group-the group is very vivid with their dances and rythms.  And as it turns out Matt Dillon was there also seen the group, and as it also turns out, Matt is a big jazz fan and he use to see Alonso play back in Boston.  So Alonso when to his table and Matt did remember him, he then introduce me to Matt-who still looks nice, charming and so elegant-and all I could do was to turn around and tell Alonso:"honey we need to get back to our table"- I know!!!!
It turn out I had some vacation time accumulated and about to expire which came very handy, because we went to South Carolina, where I have been  told there are some alligators but was pleasantly surprised not to see one.  I met my soon to be brother in law and his family.  We had a great time.  Went shopping and to Isle of palms beach, very wavy but the water was so good....Came back and work a  week and went to Martha's Vineyard to a friend's house...Laura and her husband have been inviting us to go fishing with we went.  I have never been and I love the charm of this very romantic in a nonpretensious kind of way. We went fisihing and caught a blue fish!  Which we later had for dinner.
Came to work again for two weeks and on Wednesday I will be leaving for France, where Alonso is already, he is one the founders of FestiJazz and there he is on  day one of the festival.
When I was a kid, France was the place I always wanted to go...but when people asked me where did you want to travel I will answered: Aruba, because I knew there was no chance in hell I will go to France one day...or so did I tought.  Yes Alonso pay for the ticket and I will be staying with a family who came here on spring and stay with us for a week, so as it turns out I am going to the South of France to visit friends....As I write this there is a huge smile in my face-I am glad nobody is watching-it could kind of creepy. 
My daughter and I are talking on the phone on a daily basis.  She has come to see me and even stayed over for a bbq.  She told me the last time she was here she can believe how different I look, how happy I am.  And then she call me mom, and ask for a blessing-its a puertorrican custom to ask your mom for a blessing as a goodbye-the children will say Mama bendicion- and the mom or dad will answer-Que Dios te bendiga, Amen.
There is life after divorce, after the darkness, there is hope.  Me and many other people are proof of this.
Thank you God!



Keep posting these \"life after divorce\" stories. I know how helpful they are to those who are still plodding through the muck & mire of getting to the other side!