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2 to 36.7?ng/mL, premenopausal women 9.7 to 35.1?ng/mL, postmenopausal women 7.3 to 37.8?ng/mL, interassay CV women 0.330 to 1.008?ng/mL, interassay CV Treatment groups were compared for baseline characteristics using Kruskal-Wallis tests to compare medians and chi-square tests for proportions. For all analyses involving change in biomarkers, the biomarkers were analyzed on the log2 scale, to satisfy distribution assumptions for the statistical tests. An increase in 1 log2 biomarker unit corresponds to a twofold increase (doubling) on the original biomarker scale.[16] As the primary analysis for the first aim (see Introduction), the intermittent ART and continuous ART groups were compared for mean changes in bone biomarkers and in BMD by intent-to-treat, using unadjusted t tests. Significant differences between the randomized treatment groups, where present, provide evidence for a causal relationship between ART use and biomarker changes. As sensitivity analyses, we repeated the comparisons with adjustment for sex, ART status at study entry, and baseline CD4 cell counts. Within treatment groups, statistical significance of changes in BMD and markers of bone turnover was assessed using two-sided t tests. As secondary analyses, we compared participants who stopped ART and stayed off ART through 12 months in the intermittent ART group with participants in the continuous ART group who were on ART at baseline and continued ART for 12 months (Fig. 1).