This goal appears pretty easy now. I have lost all my interest.

First of all, he is now not my ex, but my ex ex.
I think I'm gonna make it. I will not just check his FB for 8 months, but I will never check it FB again, and I don't even have to delete him. Why? His new girlfriend has quited her job and moved to the city where my ex (now ex ex) is working and living. Good for both of them. I can never do that.
I will not quit my job or my career plan for any guy. After painful lessons of self-esteem and dependence, I just can't let myself depending on any guy, then I'll be forced to settle for less.
He may appreciate her sacrify. I don't know. But seriously, I don't regret that I didn't do it for him. Just no. Or maybe he felt too lonely and then they mentioned about her moving to the same city with him... I don't know. But I look down on both of them: He can't be alone for a while; and she ran after a guy and she didn't know that she was the 2nd choice.
I don't see any reason nor any sign that he will return into my life again and mess it up again. Not ever.