This and that

Decided that as I dont keep much of a diary DS can store stuff - especially re the Beast. 
Been brooding on how people's symptoms come and go and wish it was easier to find out to what extent our environment, diet etc affects us.  I mean it is possible to find some triggers but wish there was a wonderful way  to have everything presented in a package.  I'd also like to know how far along a drug path we can go before it gets too much.  But when I read posts everyone is so different.
Still relatively painfree but have been having a lot of trouble with migraines.  They mainly visual type but get mild headaches and horrible grotty feeling after.  Booked GP but had to wait ten days for appointment (this Tuesday coming).  Not overly energy full either at the moment but most of us get that with RA coming and going.
Little pain niggles creeping in - right hip but have to look on bright side. I can still click my fingers! Tired as it is singing season. My formal choir doing the first really light concert ever with Broadway theme so have had big rehearsals with two hours of standing two days running.  I should be grateful I can do it - will I now get through another two hours tonight? (But will be divided with interval) And barbershop singouts this week.  That's heating up as we start our Christmas programme.  Please RA Beast Creature...stay away!!
And time to deflea the cat and house - hate using the chemicals but bites no fun.