this and that

Things are going good, no complaints.
We are still expecting the inspector at
work, she could come any day.
My kids are all well, plugging away at
school looking forward to the summer
I have been working hard on handling
my thoughts and emotions on a minute
by minute basis as much as possible, and
notice that I am becoming increasingly
calmer, I seldom overeact to situations
However I still let my fear overtake me quite
frequently with my usual routine of avoiding
social situations especially with neighbours,
and some friends. It gets very painful sometimes
when I percieve people are angry with me
because I have not interacted with them. This
makes me more fearful and I tend to avoid them
more because I am afraid of their anger. What a
vicious cycle. I need to confront these situations,
actively and soon.....
peace all, Ida.



Hi Ida! :) hugs! :) you aren\'t alone angel, i completely understand. i too, struggle with social situations. sometimes our neighbors across the street will be outside on front steps, and i find it hard to go outside, as i fear they will look over at me. it amazes me, how i can go into crowded store, but when it comes to something very simple, like walking outside, my shyness is so severe. i\'m working on it too, and i will always be here for you, and your family. :) We\'re so glad, you are keeping strong, and in good spirits. i completely understand, how shyness can plant seeds of fear, doubt, and worry within our minds, and can try to grow bigger than our spirits, but our spirits will always be able to weed out those thoughts of fear, doubt, and worry, and our spirit will lead us to nice sunny paths. :)
keep strong, and always remember, we\'ll always be here. :)

Hi Ida... I can\'t imagine you as stressed. Everytime we have been together you are so calm and sweet. And I don\'t get angry if someone doesn\'t call so don\'t ever think that about me. I am guilty of the same thing. We get caught up in our lives and forget about the outside world. I\'ve been going through a bit of a rough time myself so please forgive me for not keeping in touch. I think of you often though. I just haven\'t been going out.

Keep up the good work Ida! You are a very lovely person and have so much to offer. I am happy to be your friend - no pressure ever.

Love and hugs, Liane

Keep living your precious life, moment to moment. I am glad that focus is helping calm your mind my friend!