So I got a text message from a good friend of ours (hubby go it too) in Denver last night. His dad passed away. His dad had been sick for a long time and was doing all right the last time I spoke with my friend, which was a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not sure on the details of what happened. I know his sister has been out in Minnesota helping take care of both their parents.  Hearing this made me sad. Not just for him, but made me think of my dad and the fact that I lost him too soon also. He didn't get to walk me down the aisle, he's never seen his grandson he's named after (all though, this could be true, since we think the little one has a gift and we think he sees spirits). So many things he missed out on. But then I think about it and it's really all the stuff my brother and I have missed out. My family believes in the spirit world and believe that they are all around us. So they still get to see and "do" stuff. It's us, the living, that suffers the loss. We don't get the physical contact with our loved ones anymore. We are the ones that are left here to deal with life without their hugs and touches.  Death happens, it's the circle of life. I understand and know this, but having to let go of something that is physically in front of you is the hardest part of all. I know my dad, grandmother, grandfather etc. are here with me, just wish I could have that contact again.   



When we all were little we had what our parents called \"imaginary\" friends. Now scientist are thinking that they are not \"imaginary\" but it is the litle ones ability to see the spirits. But alas most of us lose that as we grow older but not every one. I believe that our loved ones do look over us and that they are here kinda as guardian angels but that is me. It is the hardest thing in the world to let go of our loved ones, that is human nature. But we have to believe that they are on to bigger and better things. I also believe that we can contact them, just not like we used to. No they are not going to talk back to you or even move objects etc (well I guess one never knows though), but I think we can go ahead an talk to them, they are listening.

Take heart in the fact that they say as one person leaves this world another enters it. And the fact that a little part of each and everyone of them lives on in us.