Think on these things

my mother,,God rest her soul,, clipped this out of newpaper,, many years back,,, but so timely,,, here goes,,,,,,,Sometime,someday, i will know how to take living in stride,,i will know how to sidestep a great many things,, and completely ignore that many more. Someday, i will learn to pay less attention to the unimportant and stop fussing about things i had nothing to do with in my past, and cannot significanly change in the future. One day I will have finally gotten rid of all those things i saved for some reason, and then i will have room for what i really like today. As so as Possible,, I am going to be less serious about some of the trouble i hear about, and very soon I am going to sit in the sun all day and just be happy that i now have time to sit in the sun and be happy!!!!!!