Things to Know about Mining Ventilation – Why is that Important

Any underground mining would seek a perfect ventilation system. This helps to avoid accumulation of poisonous gas in the mine and create better breathing space for the workers. In this aspect there are various types of Ventchoke and Mining Ventilation systems available to choose from. However, although the Mining Ventilation is crucial, knowing certain facts and its importance is essential, as it will help to choose the right system according to the mining type, size and other requisites.

Any ventilation is designed to particularly keep the atmosphere in underground region consistent with health and safety of the workers.

Reasons to install Mining Ventilation System:

Here are a few reasons why this ventilation system should be installed with no excuses;

  • This system ensures proper breathing of the workers

  • It helps getting fresh air, especially to enable smooth operation of internal combustion engine

  • It helps to dilute exploitation of harmful gas

  • It ensures that there is sufficient ventilation flow, regardless of the weather persisting or season

  • It helps to balance the lack of natural ventilation that happens in the mining region

Ventilation is the primary concept and system to be installed in any underground mining operation. The main purpose of this ventilation is to introduce cool and fresh air whilst removing stale and contaminated air from the working area. Here follow a few more factors to say why Mining Ventilation is crucial;

  • It helps to dilute and remove any hazardous gas or substance

  • It helps to control thermal environment whilst providing oxygen

  • It mainly helps to control emissions from diesel engine exhaust, mineral dust concentrations and other particles

  • It helps to efficiently clear blast fumes, particularly when mine is not occupied. This helps to avoid mine radiation and accumulation of other gases like methane, which should be seriously considered

  • Ventilation system in the mine will help to control heat exposure as required. This process will require more air to control temperature in the working environment  

What is Mining Ventilation System?


The ventilation system used in the mining area underground contains ducts, pipes, cooling and heating systems and fans. This is absolutely an air cleaning equipment.

This system is used in the tunnels or shafts and configured to allow natural air sufficiently move inside while cleaning contaminated. Today there are many sophisticated modern systems available with wireless sensor monitor, which helps in controlling the temperature and air quality. It will also help to ventilate only the region in which it is required, than running the entire mining area.

The ventilation system in simple term is the pipe network that supports air flow.

This system is available in various types and categorized as boundary, unidirectional, bi directional, central or combined. Each type is specialized with its own best features and functioning. They can be chosen according to the specific mine type and requirements to achieve maximum benefits. However, getting the expected benefits and advantages from the mine is crucial, regardless of the types installed in the mine. The modern ventilation systems provide maximum advantages than the standard ones.