Things that I feel like I should be doing

I know that there are times when everyone thinks that there are things that they need to do with thier lives or just in general to make things better for them and the people around them.But I am thinking that there is something more that I have to do,and it is hard to put it into words.I guess I should start by giving a little history about the reason that I feel this way.I became a Christian my senior year in High School(1972).And I have had this feeling that I need to do something that makes a difference,not just in the lives around me but for every one that I come in contact with.I have also felt and still do feel that I have failed in this area.I know that everyone has said that I should do volunteer work at some place here in town,but for some reason when I have tried to do this in the past it is like every door has been shut and it is hard to even get someone to listen or accept what I am trying to do without thinking that there is some other motive.All of my friends that have known me are supportive but it is just not the same as it was when I was young.And to add to it everything that I am really good at I can`t do anymore because of the pain that I am in.I have to limit my time doing physical things so much any more that it is not funny.I have been having this reacurring dream of me going around to different places that I have lived and doing free concerts of contemporary christian music.The thing with that is that I know that I have gotten older and my voice is not as good as it used to be but when we lived in Colorado I was in our church choir and was asked to join a praise and worship group,so the voice is still there,just have to tone it down a little.I have a Christian friend here that writes songs and I am thinking and praying about getting in touch with the group in Colorado and see if they would be interested in doing some really long distance communicating and finding out there thoughts about how to start a group here.I know some people that are very talented that are in one way or another connected with music.My sister in-law on my side is the High School Choir piano player and assistant to the director.I also have some friends that live in Carlsbad that do Cowboy Camp singing and they are doing very good at it even though they are 300 miles away from the rest of the singers and they are working and then traveling to do there rehersals and then there performances where ever they might be in New Mexico and Colorado.I guess I am leaning very heavy towards doing something in music.At least that is what I feel the Lord is leading me to do.I will write more later.Sorry to all of my friends that I haven`t gotten in touch with.I will try to be better at staying in touch.Love all of you.Monte