things starting to turn around.

we things is starting to turn around for me. i am back with my boyfriend/ fiance. he is coming to see me and we are going to look at houses together. he has helped me out so much in the past when i really needed somebody. even if he has not been here with me he has talked to me on the phone and here on the internet. he lives in anouther state. that has been one of the hardest things we have had to go through. he has a little girl that wants me to be her new mom. i love kids so that will not be much of a change. he understands that i do get depressed and that i have been hurt. he wants to help me move on from that. he wants to be with me for valentines in the 3 years that we been together this will be the first valentines we will be together. he dont want to make me move away from my family. he wants to move to b here with me. i have a nease that is around his daughters age that will be good for her specially when she is moving to a town where she knows nobody. i cant wait till he comes because he has me a new ring. he gave me a promise ring last year. i got a surprise when i did my taxes. i didnt think i would get much back working only 5 months. but i was wrong i am getting back alot. he already asked me to marry him but he wants to ask me in front of my family. we been getting things ready for him to come.  we are planning a big dinner. he makes me so happy. just thinking of him puts a smile on my face. i do have one question how long does it take for a step child to get used to having a new parent.



Oh, YEA!!!!!for things getting glad for you....

as far as a step child getting used to a new parent...I think it depends on a lot of things...the particular child, her previous experiences, her relationship with her parents, her you work at developing a relationship with her....wishing you all the good fortune and luck in the world!