Things looking good

So it looks like things are starting to get into motion for me now. I am going to be moved out of my partents house by October 2nd at the latest. I am super happy about that. I am going to  finally be out on my own making money and paying bills like a real man. I will have roommates, but it's not like they are going to pay for my food and stuff.
I am also really starting to feel closer to God now too. I feel stronger than ever because I know he will take care of me no matter what. That is the most important thing I have learned. I am just going to keep reading the good book so that I can find out more.
Once again I saw that girl at work. We talked for a little bit, but there was a lot of other people in the room talking to us so we didn't really get a chance to talk. She was leaving as I was clocking in too. I can't wait to see her again though. She just seems really cool and I really like looking into her eyes for some reason. I need to figure out a battle plan for this soon. I know that it will all work out for the greater good in the end anyways so I should just ask her to lunch the next time we work the same shift.
Well it really seems like the bad times are over for the time being. I have been throug alot, but I know more good times are to come from here on. I know there will be more bad times too, but I hope God will give me the stength to overcome those too.



ahhh (hug) doesn\'t the world change in our eyes when good things happen after a long time of struggling? Actually there is verse i always hang onto which says, with distress there is relief, with distress there is relief... It\'s repeated twice and uses \"with\" not after, so while we are goin through difficulties, good things are \"incubating\" for dude ur winds have finally blown, spread ur wings and soar into the sky of awesomeness! *yeah i feel poetic today for some reason :/* lol