Things doing much better.

 Hi all.  I wanted to come on and let everyone know how I have been doing and all.  I have been very busy in my life.  My oldest daughter has left her husband and has moved closer to home but not with mom.  My youngest daughter has moved back home and is starting college here in the fall.  I have been going to divorcecare for about 16 weeks now and it feels good.  I have grown closer to God and with his help I have learned to forgive my stbx for everything he has done and how the marriage has come to an end.  I have given up hope that my stepchildren are going to be in my life anytime soon but realize that one day they will come find me and thank me for everything I have done for them.  I realize that this is not all his fault and I played a major role in losing them.  I also realize that things happen for a reason and I'm not sure what the reason is yet but I know I will find out soon enough.  I am helping and getting more active with the VFW auxilary and I love it.  I help when ever possible.  I still haven't found a job but figured when the time is right I will find one.  I still need to lose some weight and try to quit smoking but I also know that both of these things will be hard for me.  I am still in search of myself but have moved closer each and every day.  I talk with God every day and try to put him in my life to help me.  I have't forgotten any of you and thank God you were there when I needed somebody.  I also thank all of you for any and all advice you have given.  I will be on here once in awhile but I feel that my life has moved on and I don't need you as much as I did before.  I am really doing good.