things are looking up

My life is taking a new direction. My goal is to be happy in myself and I am about to start working very hard to be fitter, healthier and more positive. I am not going to deny myself the things that make me feel good this time, I am not going to starve myself, I am just going to have a perspective of what I want out of life and how this will make me feel better. Call me philosophical but I strongly believe the 'now' matters so I am saying goodbye to my troubles and waving hello to a new future: a future where I am my own person and I allow myself to be whoever I want to be without fretting and without holding back. The world is going to get the new and improved me and I can't wait for the day when I open my curtains and look at my life and finally feel at peace. I have a new slogan: Chin Up Gorgeous, Be Happy!