Things are looking up

We finally got the test results back for my husband's sperm analysis.  Everything is normal!!!!!!  I have to admit, I was totally relieved.  With it taking so long to get the results I was sure something was wrong, especially since he's a diabetic and former smoker.  All the tests we've had done have come back fine.  My ob/gyn says the reason we're not pregnant yet is probably since I don't ovulate regularly, which should be fixed by the Clomid that I can now start next cycle.  I actually did ovulate on my own this cycle (shocking!!).  At least I was given at least a chance while we waited to start Clomid.  Maybe with any luck I won't actually need to take it.  Guess I'll find out in a week or so :)


Community LeaderMid

You go, girl, now, have fun sex time, not thinking about pregnancy, just enjoy the sensation of sex!