Things are Great!!!!!

Today is day 12!  Soon  I will be counting the weeks instead of the days.  The weekend went well.  We went out to our favorite mexican place and I usually have a beer with dinner, but had tea instead this time.  Of course hubby had his beer.  He also went and bought another half gallon of whiskey.  But I can't let his choices affect mine, so he will have to deal with it in his own way.  He has cut back a lot tho.  Now usually only 2 drinks in the evening.  Thats the difference between him and myself, he can stop at 2, and I usually continue. Not always, but more times than not.  Really getting some good sleep also.  The Campral seems to be doing its job.  I do notice that before I take my afternoon dose sometimes I get the urge for a drink, but about 30-45 minutes after the meds I feel over it.  Hope you are all doing well and getting ready for the holiday!  Lots of cooking to do!!