Things are better

We are starting to get back into a routine again after almost 2 weeks since the tornadoes. Went to Kentucky to see my daughter graduate nursing school last Thursday.  We are so proud of her.  Got back from that trip on Saturday and planted our garden over the weekend.  Looking forward to fresh corn and tomatoes, squash, cucumbers,eggplant, english peas, okra, peppers and green beans.  If the storms wouldn't have made our power out, we would still be eating some of the stuff we grew last year.  Its not so much about saving money, it all just seems to taste better when you grow it yourself.  Even if you only have room for a tomatoe plant in a container, you might want to try growing something, its kind of a type of therapy to watch stuff grow and care for it.  Our granddaughter will be turning 4 this week, so we are looking forward to a grand party for her next weekend.  Hope all is going well for everyone!  Prayers and best wishes to you!!!