I knew they were going to regroup. I just knew it.
It took them a whole year but they found their way back. Even though they are little they think they own the world. Just because they are the strongest ( per size) creature known to man. They think they can just waltz in the window, over the fireplace mantle, through the cat through ( a window like structure between my dinning room and living room), down the wall and cart off the cats food. Now, I ask, how rude is that. They were not invited in. They and their whole army just invaded AGAIN!!!
The cats are beside themselves. Their food has disappeared for the moment. One dish is even outside. There were so many ants in it. Their water dish (with floating ice cubes) has been emptied for a bit and the BIG dish of food moved into hiding so the little bad army can't get to it. Thomas is just sitting at the door looking out at his fav dish. Poor Baby Boy!!!!!
Well. we have our own weapon. It is "Terro" to the rescue. Soon, wait maybe sooner than I thought, the ant will flock to a new feeding ground and leave my baby's food alone.
As I glance over to the spot where the army was milling around I see a large bunch fewer than I saw before. Can this battle be so easilly won????????!!!!.
Do I think this is the end of the war.? NO, they have many weeks yet to wage this war, however, I won this battle and I will win the war