There is life after diagnosis as well

You just have to look hard enough and you will find your purpouse as well. It wasn't just to be miserable or uncomfortably your entire life. It was to pass on what you have learned and hope the next generation of cutters too will gain from my life's story to never think hurting yourself is an option ever again. Your in enough pain, why hurt more? Don't feel guilty. You didn't raise your hand in school and ask for this. We missed the day they taught mental health. But someday you will see life. You will want to live again.ANd just be happy.
That one shot of me fishin out in the wilderness was a way to teach the most self sufficencey in the world. To survive in the wild, and make it back to camp. Eventually I aged out of there.



It is awesome that you have spent time in the wild. I love it where it is quiet and peaceful.

Very sage advice to others in the same boat, as far as mental health challenges. We can overcome! Life goes on.

Sorry for the late reply to your journal. I work 7 days per week, but my weekend job is slow and I try to catch up on emails then.