yesterday  i saw my counselor and i took a photo of my mother and dad. i wanted to show him how much i look like my step-dad than my mother and he agreed and that made him realize why i was so confused when i thought my dad wasn't. i don't look anything like my mother.
he asked me if i was manic which i was and we talked about going out and spending money that i don't have. i went over on my checking account and had to borrow some money from my dad to cover it. i didn't tell them what it was for.
we talked about my kids and the funny car story which is my oldest daughter kjeras car was repossessed and my younger daughter necole bought it and needs to sell hers and kjera is thinking about buying necoles old one. crazy huh?
so everything was great yeaterday and i love being on a high, naturally i mean. i still feel like today is going to be a good day.
Hugggggggggggs to all =)