The Weekend

It was actually not to bad of a weekend, until yesterday.....Saturday I spent the day laying around and reading, hoping that I would be ok to take my son trick or treating, which thank goodness I was.....He had so much fun, kept running up to houses and was having a blast, he was too cute to watch. Sunday we went grocery shopping and as we were comming out of Walmart it hit, I doubled over in the parking lot and was frozen I could not move, Justin was of course freaking out.....I managed to limp to the truck, I could not put any pressure on my right leg as soon as would try my insides felt like they were ripping apart.....Once we got home I took something and then laid around for a while, I started feeling ok so I ran with my mom to a few the time we were at dinner I was in agony, I tried to hide it though, I barely ate and the pain was getting so bad that I was feeling very sick to my stomach, I ended up getting sick from it as soon as I got home.....I was like that the rest of the night, so I layed on the sofa with my heating pad....We had family movie night, we watched the new Transformers and jake fell asleep on the couch with me.....No sooner did I get into bed it hit again, I tried desperately to ignore it.....praying it would let up just enough for me to fall asleep, that did not happen....I tried to get up and could not move it took everything I had not to scream, poor Justin was up and trying to help and I ended up yelling at him saying that I was FINE.....I know he is just trying to be there for me and is worried but I get SO frustrated having everyone always asking are you ok, are you hurting, I just don't want people to think, "My God does she ever stop complaining", so I lie and say I am ok......I just don't want people to get sick of me being like this so it is better to hide it at times, it is bad enough that I am always in constant pain, I should not have to share every minute of it with everyone else. This just gets so irritating......but one week from today I will be going to my first appointment with the hopefully some relief is on the way.



Ah...\"so I lie and say I am ok\" god, how I can relate! I have done that so many times. It\'s terrible, isn\'t it? And then the pain leads to depression and on and on it goes. I hope you find some relief soon. In the meantime, keep venting. We all understand. But I am glad you had fun with the family going tick or treating. That is fun, at least! It\'s a small win, but a good one. It\'s nice to have a good day here and there.