the way forward...

have made my peace with my brother...its going to take time to be as close as I would like but I think he has come to his senses at last...and realise its time to move on.
It only made an impact as I raised him when my mum died,so feelings run deep.
After crying me a river...its time to move on with my life too.
I do beleive getting enough sleep is key things look so much different if this is sorted.
My diabetes has been a bumpy ride so think I need to rethink my control which is not as good as it should be.
Im most happy when I feel in control and that includes my feelings too.
recently had my heart broken mainly because I was delusional in thinking anyone would fancy me,but had to face the hard fact that no one could.
I hope I can turn a corner now as regards my emotinal state and strive towards goals that I can do,rather than expecting too much of myself.