The truth has set me free!!

I never thought that I would have the courage to tell my husband about my gambling problem and the debt that I have accumulated.  I have literally be in agony the last few weeks and I feel like I kept gambling because I was feeling so guilty and miserable.  After another significant loss on Thursday I decided that I needed to just tell my husband everything and try to move forward.  I decided that I needed to do this about noon on Friday and so I cancelled plans with a girlfriend and decided to meet my husband at home and just tell him everything.  I believe that the good Lord had be prompting me for weeks to tell my husband the truth but I was trying to ignore that still, small voice because I didn't have the courage.  I must say, once I had the courage and told my husband everything through uncontrollable sobs he did exactly what I would expect from the wonderful man I married....took me in his arms, told me he is sorry that I felt like I had to keep this struggle a secret from him, we made a plan to pay off all of the gambling debt in the next year and then he said "that is done, I forgive you, let's move on!!!" Wow, what a freedom, what an amazing feeling to not have this secret to keep, a secret that kept driving me back to the casino because of guilt and shame.  I honestly feel like a new woman. Nothing has changed between my husband and I, we woke up the next morning and he kissed me like he always does and we spent a wonderful day with our families. 
I finally feel like I can more forward with life and break free from this addiction because I have my husband to hold me accountable and I am no longer running from the truth!  The truth as set me free!
So very Hopeful! :)



WONDERFUL...I bet you feel 10 pounds lighter getting that heavy burden off your shoulders...your husband is let the work from ridding yourself of this horrible addiction begin..known as now have hubby to be accountable to and that will help...get to a GA meeting my on internet sites for compulsive gambling addiction...proud of you that was truly hard telling hubby..Big Hugs Becky