The Summer Sunshine is glowing! :) New Garden Tour video! :)

SUNNY SUNFLOWER GREETINGS, FROM OUR SUMMER GARDENS! :) We're celebrating the 1st full week of summer season, with sunshine, nature, and gardening joys, and COOL SUNFLOWER SMILES! :)
Hi angel friends! :) a very special welcome, and greetings, from our gardens, on this sweet classic, and golden summer day! :) The summer sun is shining, and the sunflowers are spirit dancing, and spirit growing, all around our yard and gardens :) This is incredible to see! :) i am smiling and smiling, and so very happy, and excited to share with you all, my new garden tour video :) my 4th video of the season! :) in today's video, i show the growing progress of the plants, including a close up view of the potato plants, sunflowers soaking up the sun, and a special surprise appearance, from some COOL gardening friends! :)

i'm having such an awesome time, sharing our yard, and gardens with everyone! :) it's another beautiful summer day! :) 3 sunny days in a row, to begin the summer season! :) the plants are in all of their sunny glory today, as they are growing absolutely sweet gardening wild!!! :) my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a nice monday, and a wonderful start to the week :) Kayla and Taylynn went over to Alyssa's place today :) They're enjoying their summer vacation :) The weather is so nice, and on days like today, i love to soak up the sunshine, and to soak our plants with lots and lots of nice water nourishment :) it's a great day to tend the plants, and i even put some nice organic soil around the stem bases of the plants :) i love taking pictures, and making the garden tour videos, to share with everyone :) i'll be making many more, throughout the course of the season :)
The plants have reached SUPER GROWING STAGE of summer season! :) Wow! Wow! Wow! : )Each day, it seems like the plants are growing more and more! :) Tomorrow, i'm going to be measuring SUNNY and SUNSHINE sunflowers, in week 4 of the 2014 SUNFLOWER SUN RACE! :) my family and i are enjoying a nice monday :) this morning, during the early morning, i was putting lots of goodies, all around our yard, for the birds and squirrels, and heard many birds singing happily all around :) The "Tweet Tweet Tweet" gray birds love to sing in the mornings :) i hear the sparrows, and all of the other birds, they love to visit by our yard, to gather some yummy treats :)
The gardening season is in full swing :) This time of the year, i'm all around our yard, and gardens :) The potato plants we have growing, are looking SUPER!!! :) we have potatoes growing, in 3 areas of our gardens :) i remember when my mom, dad, and i were looking at a cool book, about the history of our city, and it showed how our neighborhood looked like, back in the early 1900's :) our neighborhood here, was a huge potatoes farm :) now when we grow potatoes, we love to think of how we're keeping the growing tradition going, all these years later :) it's so nice :) The tomato plants, are growing blossoms, and our sunflowers, are reaching for the sweet blue sky :) They've grown so much ,and are really growing wild too! :) so many cool sunflowers, the gardening party's are on! all throughout the season :)
i gave our plants, a really nice soaking with the water nourishment, both yesterday, and today :) During the evening yesterday, i went outside to water our front yard plants, and i spotted a happy baby woodpecker bird, in our front tree : )Adorable bird! :) i soaked the planters really well, and also went out back, for HUMMINGBIRD WATCH!!! :) a new cool tradition i want to begin, during summer, is checking in on our backyard after 6pm, to see if i can see some hummingbirds, especially on sunny days :) We'll be keeping our feeders filled, and i'll get some sweet opportunities, to spot the hummingbirds, and taking some pictures of them : )one of my favorite joys about this time of the year, along with the gardening, is the wonderful chance to see many of our nature animal friends :)
It was so cool, spotting the purplish butterfly yesterday, buzz the bumble bee, and also many of the birds, and squirrels, that bring lots of excitement, to our yard, and gardens :) Today i was putting some organic soil, around the stem bases of the plants :) i'm going to be weeding our front yard garden areas, this week, freshening up the garden areas :) We got lots of nice sunflowers growing in our front yard garden this season, both in our bird feeders/gardening area, and also next to our front steps :) Little Mikey is very proud, when he sees the plants in the planters, he helped plant the sunflowers :) We're very happy, with how well the plants are doing :) they are flourishing very nicely :) i love to water the plants, during summer season, sunny days, i like to water the plants twice a day :) i took some cool new pictures today, to share with everyone, to include here in my journal :) i'm in my nature, and gardening heaven :)
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP SMILES, and SUNNY GREETINGS, FROM KENTUCKY!!! :)awww! :) This is so very sweet, and very wonderfully heart warming : )my family and i are so happy, and excited! : )The summer season is here, and a time to share in, and celebrate, the joys of the season :) we love summer time, and all of the many festivities, traditions, and celebrations, that makes the season memorable :) We love celebrating with you and your family's :) We're so happy and delighted :) we recieved a beautiful card, treasure, from our dear and lovely friends Shirley (Squarley), her husband Bruce, and their family :) awww! :) This is so nice, and sweet of them :) The card is beautiful, with a lovely sunset scene on the front of the card :) there's birds flying, and the nature is glowing :) inside the card, Shirley wrote me a lovely note :) awww! :) This is wonderful :) We cherish, and treasure your very special friendships :) You all bring lots of great joy, happiness, and peace, to our days, and our lives :) i'm going to put our beautiful card, here in my writing area :) we'll always love, and treasure it :) Shirley, Bruce, family, my family and i thank you all so very much, for this very special, and lovely gift, and treasure :) We deeply appreciate your kindness, and generousity, with all of the love of our hearts :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts, and home to yours :)
We're enjoying a great monday! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits :) i enjoyed tending our plants today :) love being amongst that summer sunshine :) spirit dancing with the plants :) it's a great start to the week :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed some tomato soup, and 2 baked salsa tortilla wraps :) lunch was delicious! :) i organized my computer room a bit, i put a nice new towel here on my table, and also moved my mini table over a bit, about 2 feet to the right :) i love freshening up my computer room :) yesterday evening, i treated myself to 2 more of those cool funko mystery minis collectibles, featuring characters from "the walking dead" show :) i can't wait until the new collectibles arrive :) my collection is really growing :) Tomorrow's sweet treats tuesday :) We're gonna go to mcdonalds to get some nice treats :) Kayla and Taylynn are on summer vacation now, and will be able to join in on the sweet treats tuesday tradition :) my family and i thank you all, so very much, our wonderful angel friends, for all that you do for us :) You all brighten our day :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP SUMMER SUNFLOWER HUGS :) Tonight, i'm going to have a healthy snack, and going to watch tv :) There's many more great things to look forward too :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, the summer sun is shining :) The plants continue to grow a lot. : )Sunflowers reaching for the sweet blue sky! :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a good day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is enjoying a great day :) We're so excited, summer gardening, and tomorrow going out to get some nice sweet treats :)
Happy Friendship smiles, sent with lots and lots of love, from Kentucky! :) awww! :) This is so very wonderfully nice, and sweet :) my family and i love our beautiful card, and will always cherish, and treasure it :) You all always warm our hearts, and touch our hearts in many wonderful ways :) We're so happy, thankful, and blessed, to have you all in our lives :) Shirley (Squarley), Bruce, family, my family and i thank you all so very much, for this very special, and lovely treasure :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) 

SUMMER SUNSHINE! :) The plants are soaking up that wonderful summer sunshine today :) SUPER GROWING in the gardens :) it's so neat, and really amazing, to see how much the plants have grown :) from flowers, to fruits, vegetables, the season is a pure delight :) i've been having an awesome time, tending the plants, taking pictures, and making garden tour videos to share :) there's so much more to look forward too :) We're in gardening season heaven! :) these spirit soaring nature and gardening sights today, warmed my heart, and made me smile :)
i spotted a happy bumble bee, pollenating the clover flower :) lots of amazing nature, all around :) This is a great time of the year, to dwelve into some sweet nature :)
Ripening Raspberries! :) we got some raspberries, beginning to ripen! :) oh my! :) Raspberry pie baking is coming up soon! :)

Potato plants :)

Pumpkin plants :)
Yellow squash plants :)
Peaches! :)

The String beans plants are growing plentiful :)
Blossoming rose, up in our macintosh apple tree :)The climbing red rose bush is amazing! :)
Golden glow, of happy smiling sunny sunflowers :) i love it!!! :)

Our Pink flowers, continue to flourish :) they are a blossomign joy, in our garden :)
Roses :) We love our rose bush :)

Marigolds plants, doing very well :)

The plants are growing wild! :) 



Dear Chris,I am happy you enjoy a beautiful day! :-) love your video.Your garden looks great! I love your Roses,they are so beautiful! :-) I saw the
Bumble bee on your flower...:-) the Card from your friend looks very nice,
it is always great when we hear from friends....:-)) it is a very hot day here
in Ga! the humidity is awful...:-( we suppose to get some rain...I hope so.
It will clear the air. I am taking it easy...and tonight I will watch some
movie and a TV show...:-) Thinking of you,dear Chris and your family! :-)
Sending best wishes your way....:-) Enjoy a nice evening! Thank you so
much for your hug\'s! :-) Please, tell your mom I say \"Hi\" :-) Thank you!


Hi Chris Glad you and your family had a good day. I enjoyed your garden video. The garden is looking great. Love to see the Peaches Apples Sunflowers and Pumpkins growing. The roses grapes and strawberries are looking super too. I see my friend Mr Cool Sunflower enjoyed hanging out with you today. He always makes me SMILE! Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a good night. Hugs to all there-Stephanie

Dearest Chris!!! I\'m SO JEALOUS of your PEACHES!!! I still cannot believe I will have a PEACHLESS summer with 3 TREES!!! Bummer for me... :-(

Glad you had such a great garden day! My day was lame (literally), but I can see a bit better now... Love seeing all those RASPBERRY flowers!!! COOL! I still have not seen flowers on all of my blackberry canes...

Hummer watch HERE TOO!!! the feeders are always very buzy in the evenings and mornings with many little starving hummingbirds! So much joy for sugar water! How simple and cool...

Love to you and Mom and Dad and everybody in CT!!! HAVE A NICE RELAXING EVENING!! That\'s what the pupz and I have planned...

xoxoxo Cj

Hello Chris, Enjoying your YouTube video\'s of your ever expanding garden.
I can hear the birds singing as well.Just a beautiful and peaceful place to be.
You and your family are going to have good wholesome food to make and eat from your garden. I really like everything,and your tour. Have a Great day tomorrow my friend and get a good nights sleeps. Lve/Blessings/Greenies

Looks like you had a great day. thanks for the tour!!! great pics and video!!!
enjoy your new treasure!!! have a great day and enjoy your treats!!

Aww so glad you had a great day angel Chris! i luved your gardening tour video! Your garden is amazing! Enjoy sweet treats tuesday angel. Sending luv and massive hugs your way x

it\'s all just beautiful. i love your gardens! roses are really pretty. Summer is grand:)