The Storm of the Century

We have a bit of a break in the storm.  That is the good news.  We are no longer under a "Winter Storm Warning".  We are now under a "Blizzard Warning".  We have about 2-3 inches of snow right now.  Supposed to get about 6 overnight and 3-4 tomorrow during the day.  I took my dog for a walk, the blowing snow has covered the side walk in spots.  I have shoveled the driveway and sidewalk twice today.  We are under a Level 1 snow energency, which means the gym is closed.  So I figure that is as good an exercise as anything. lol.  I realize it is also an exercise in futility.  But, oh well. Also, shoveling the driveway behind my car is a waste of time as my car doors are frozen shut.   I am trying not to get too freaked out.  We are home and don't really have to go anywhere.  Plenty of bread, eggs and milk, so we can make all the French Toast we need.