The State of the State

I wish I had time to be creative and write some cool journals. I love to write, but time is too precious at the moment to take the extra time. I should be in bed now, but am trying to keep up with journalling at least two to three times per week. The flu is slowly leaving and I am feeling so much better. Sinuses are still draining, but have improved a huge amount! Still have a bit of chest conjestion as well as fatigue. Breathing is a bit labored, but the nebulizer really helps.  I just hope this is FINALLY the end to all of the sickness.  Ordered vertical blinds today for the dining room. Got a great deal and can't wait until they come. Sent letters of application for Alternative English position to supt. and Denise. Will wait and see what happens.  Fight today at school. Didn't see it, but school went into 'Medical Lockdown' due to blood spillage and not wanting any kids to move her. Two girls. They started by trading insults, went to pushing each other, and finally one of the girls punched the other girl in the face. The one who got punched went down like a ton of bricks, hit her head on the floor and was knocked out. I believe that they had some difficulty getting her to regain consciousness. According to the girl's brother, she deserved what she got. She had been taunting the other girl all day, I guess, and finally just hit her. Unfortunately for the girl, we have zero tolerance for fighting and I'm pretty sure she was taken to jail. One went to the ER, the other to the Law Enforcement center.  Parent-teacher conferences again Thursday. Friday off due to two nights of conferences (comp. day). My topic proposal was sent in by my advisor. Phew! Now to get this done!!! I wish the play were over so that I could get this project done. I feel like I'm trying to balance too many things and succeeding at none. I found out today that I get all but $250 back for my Australian trip. Yeah! I've already spent the money numerous times in my head. LOL