The Speed of Pain

I swear my body gives me a few good hours as a bad joke. Yesterday morning I felt pretty good, my pain levels were 2-3, lower than they have been in weeks. Mom came and visited me again. Mom, Ashley and I played Uno and Scrabble for a few hours and chatted. It was fun. Sadly, about halfway through the games I started hurting more, but it was bearable.
I slept well but woke up around six because Chris has been having a medical problem. He went to the doctors this morning for a walk in appointment. I'm having spasms so hard my breakfast consisted of Ashley getting me a cup of coffee, my twice daily anti-inflammatory and two of my strongest pain medicines. I hate these days. It's not even 10 am and I'm wishing it was tomorrow already.
On an exciting side, I found out EA is coming out with The Sims3 Pets. I'm such a sucker for those games. But this one is super cool because you can have horses! Finally! You can even breed them, how awesome is that? I'm going to make one in honor of my sweet, sweet Noah. How my heart aches for him. Also a black cat in honor of Sphynx, my soul feels lifeless without her here with me. I take comfort in the fact that Mom has her, though. I know Mom loves her and takes good care of her and Sphynx loves her in return.
Not sure what I'll be doing today. Trying to get through the day sane, most likely. I might try and lose myself in a game or sleep. I don't think Star Trek :TNG will be enough of a mind numbing option, sadly.
It's been a teary morning, now that I'm alone for a little bit. I hate crying.
"I wanna outrace the speed of pain...for"