The Solution To Printer Not Responding Issue

Printer not working properly? This problem is quite common with people owning printers- irrespective of at home or office. Though you must have already adhered to some guidelines for troubleshooting the issues, but there are high chances for the same to relapse again and again. Well, have you ever wondered why the printer is not functioning properly and how can you fix this issue to stop being bothered? Heading with printer repair Melbourne CBD stands out as the best solution but when should you hire them? Here this article lends light on one of the most important issue faced with printers- connection issue.

How To Fix This Issue Accordingly?

If you plugged your printer to the USB port but there is no green icon visible in the taskbar thus indicating that the device is properly connected. In this case you can get the plug connected to other ports and check whether the same is detected or not. If you still fail to see the green icon, this means that your USB driver is outdated or corrupt. In case the same turns out to be outdated or corrupt, your system will face problem to detect a device and hence you will not get to see any icon in the taskbar. And this calls for updating your USB driver.

On the other hand, if you end up getting error message- ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ at the time of attaching the computer to your printer, the problem can be due to printer driver error. You need to check whether the printer driver is properly installed or not and if the same happens to be obsolete or damaged, there is a high chance for your printer to not respond accordingly.

When To Go For Professional Help?

If the issue continues disturbing, it is recommended to seek help from professionals offering printer repair Melbourne CBD service.